Countertop Filtration Unit

4th Phase Water™
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This is the countertop filtration unit we used in conjunction with 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate when conducting our lab tests. The .2 micron Ceramic Filter contains millions of tiny pores that removes up to 99% bacteria, traps suspended particles, parasites, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants on its own. The 5-Stage Mineral Filter Cartridge contains activated carbon which finishes your drinking water for a clean taste. The silica sand contains amazing absorbent qualities to remove impurities and is known to aid in the formation and strengthening of connective tissues. There is also a Ionic Resin stage, and an Activated Alumina stage that further enhance the filter and purification process, but to be clear, we use this system as part of an even greater purification process, and used in conjunction with 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate. It works perfectly to filter out the sediment that will form from the hidden toxins lurking in your, wilderness, spring, tap, bottled, and even Reverse Osmosis water, that has been revealed by our purification drops. The far-infrared ceramic spheres are sometimes used in alternative medicine, and said to increase enzyme activity in digestive system, regulate blood pressure, improve memory, enhance metabolism, strength, and vitality. Mafic Mineral Stones infuse water with micro-nutrients and essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium, manganese and and slightly increase alkalinity of water. Our 4th Phase Water System is eco-friendly and BPA-Free. It requires no electricity or plumbing and operates purely on gravity. The system is compact, portable and attractive on your countertop.

  • Top tank holds 1.5-gallons
  • Bottom tank stores 2.5-gallons
  • Ceramic (top) filter life is 1,000 gallons or 1 year
  • 5-Stage Mineral (bottom) Filter is 500 gallons or 6 months
  • Mafic Mineral Stones life is about 3 to 5 years
  • Compact countertop design Fits virtually anywhere
  • Ceramic Filter is cleanable for long life use with 4th Phase

For use in conjunction with 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate, you should process your water first in a separate and open container for the specified and desired timeframe. Then, pour the full contents in the top chamber of the 4th Phase Countertop Unit, and allow gravity to do the work. The bottom container will now have crystal clear water that greats amazingly well. You can use this water for anything!


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