Ceramic Dome Replacement Filter

4th Phase Water™
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This is a ceramic replacement filter for the top portion of the 4th Phase Gravity Filter System. It can be cleaned, since 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate will bring out the hidden contaminants in sediment form, and show them in a peach color that will stain th dome. This is completely normal, but the flow of the filter will be enhanced if you clean as needed. You should replaced the dome filter after about 1000 gallons or one year.

  • Top tank holds 1.5-gallons

For use in conjunction with 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate, you should process your water first in a separate and open container for the specified and desired timeframe. Then, pour the full contents in the top chamber of the 4th Phase Countertop Unit, and allow gravity to do the work. The bottom container will now have crystal clear water that greats amazingly well. You can use this water for anything!