Carbon Filter Cartridge 3 Pack

4th Phase Water™
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This activated carbon filter cartridge 3 pack is designed for our collapsible filtration bottle. They are perfect for filtering the sequestered contaminants out of your water after treating with 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate. This puts the finishing touch on your enhanced 4th Phase Water. You'll eventually need more filters. Why not load your pack with a few extra's? The filters are encased in durable food-grade plastic. There is a cotton pre-filter that can be lightly scrubbed when particulate is trapped from passing through to your drinking water. The guideline is to replace the filter after 6 months or when the passing of water is severely limited.

  • Perfect for filtering sediment from 4th Phase Water
  • Must have extra's for the Bug-Out-Bag.
  • Can be gently cleaned with soft brush
  • Fits our Collapsible Filtration Bottle
  • Food grade plastic
  • Pre-Filter: Cotton Cloth
  • Filter: Activated Charcoal
  • Longevity: Replace after 6 months or when clogged
  • Size: 2 inch H x 1.25 inch W
  • Weight: 3 filters 3.1 ounce

 It's cleanable...MORE SOON