It is said that the first treated public water supply in the world was installed by the Chelsea Waterworks Company in London in 1829. There are earlier examples of water resource and water handling breakthroughs if you want to browse Wikipedia, and we also know of many modern sanitation innovations, like chlorine and fluoride additives and huge processing plants. Servicing millions of people seems like an insurmountable task for these water treatment facilities, doesn’t it? Water quality and treatment varies a lot from country to country too. Controversial and complicated. It’s a big deal. No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, we all deserve safe water, and maybe even deserve to have access to better and better water as we gain more knowledge.

Not to point blame at any one treatment facility, because they all have a big job to live up to no doubt, my local water is pulled from a well near the Ohio River. Likely due to agricultural, and also manufacturing along the river, The Ohio is one of the most contaminated waterways. Sure they treat the water to government standards, but I’m looking for something more than government standards, aren’t you?

My solution:

I have a whole house filter system. This gives me cleaner water and far less fluoride and chlorine anywhere in my house to begin with, including outside faucets. This is good for my plants, dishwashing, and showers, even though I also have additional chlorine and fluoride showerhead filters on each shower.

For cooking and drinking, I have a Reverse Osmosis system under my kitchen sink. This is overkill, but this way I’m starting with really clean water before I put the finishing touches on.

I treat with 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate. In this circumstance I wait 72 hours or longer, with the cap off the jug. 3 or 4 days is also our family water jug cycle/schedule so it works out well.

Finally I filter that through the gravity filter for our family’s finished drinking water.

If you aren’t ready for big and expensive filtration systems yet, I get it. I urge you to just try 4th Phase Liquid Crystal Concentrate for your drinking and cooking water, and see how much better off you’ll be. 4th Phase is also great in a bath, or for use on your plants. This solution is least expensive method for cleaning your water of questionable quality. It may also be one of the most far reaching things you can do to your water too! Check our store for current volume pricing.